Triplets’ smiles

From their aunt’s photos:


okay, so this more of a scowl. But hey, babies!



Mommy’s clone, I bet.

They’re growing up so fast!


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From their aunty/dad: Adeela is now 3.2 kg, Adeena is 3.0 kg, and Adeeva is 2.8 kg. =)





If these don’t make you smile, you may need help. =)




Squeee! They’re home!

The triplets’ out of the oven! :D

The triplets’ out of the oven! :D


Lily’s 3 angels

Adeela, Adeena, and Adeeva are three little newcomers to the world. Unfortunately, these prematurely-born infants will not experience their mother’s warm embrace.

Lily Riyana Lubis, the mother of the triplets, died not long after delivering her daughters. The exuberant Lily died from pre-eclampsia.

"Lily experienced a little short of breath on August 5, but she was not too worried - pregnant women at the end of the trimesters tend to have difficulty breathing," said Watary Kurniawan, Lily’s husband.

The following day, August 6th, her breathing worsened. Worried, Watary brought his wife to Mitra Keluarga Hospital, East Bekasi.

"After consulting the doctor, she was immediately admitted and put on oxygen," The doctor told us of the possibility of pre-eclampsia, since her blood pressure was also high, 160," Watary said somberly.

On Sunday, August 7th, Lily’s condition improved. Attending Ob-Gyn suggested that she delivers via Cesarean on either Monday, 8 August, or Tuesday, 9 August. Lily refused, however, fearing complications should her daughters arrive prematurely.

"Lily was worried that if they were born too soon, they would have to get in the incubators, which will cost quite a lot," Watary explained. Lily’s pregnancy had just reached 29 weeks. Lily wishes for another week, so her three precious infants would be more fully conceived.

But on August 8, right after pre-fast morning meal, Lily was asphyxiating again. Watary immediately requested the nurses to check on her. After lunch, she was given cough medicine.

"We felt that something was wrong at the time, when she spit her phlegm to a piece of tissue paper, it was rather pink-ish," said Watary. Still, he did not worry too much, believing his wife to be under the doctors’ immediate attention.

At 14.00, the doctors ask her if she was willing to have her C-section now. Lily again refused. She said that her daughters still like it in her belly.

10 minutes after the doctor left, Watary noticed that something wrong with his wife. Her nails were bluish color. Watary immediately reported it to the nurses.

"All the nurses went to panic mode and immediately called the attending physician, they checked her blood pressure and the babies’ heart rate. The attending promptly called the Ob-Gyn by phone because he’d already left," Watary said.

The attending told them that the C-section must be done right then. This time, Lily did not refuse. Watary observed that Lily looked incredibly calm. He then walked her to the doors of the surgery room.

Around 16.35, a nurse came out with the babies. Watary, waiting with the rest of the family, approached the nurse.

But the nurse looked to be in haste to get to the nursery and immediately placed the tiny infants in incubators. Oxygen and IV lines were placed for all three.

After visiting his daughters, Watary then questioned his wife’s condition to the nurses. Apparently, Lily was admitted to the ICU for observation of her asphyxia.

"I met her, and she was still conscious, I chatted with her a little, then I asked her to rest and not talk too much," said Watary In spite of the panic, Watary was relieved to see that his wife was conscious.

But at 20.00, Watary saw blood seeping through Lily’s blanket. The nurses said that was normal, however, puerperal blood following childbirth. While waiting, Watary went to fill in a number of forms for the medical activities to Lily. It was said that Lily’s condition was stable at the time.

At 23.30, suddenly the telephone at the waiting room of the ICU rang. Watary who had fallen asleep alongside Lily’s father immediately woke up and picked it up. He was requested to go to the ICU.

"I thought it was just for administrative purpose, so I didn’t wake Lily’s father.

He was shocked upon entering the ICU. His wife was surrounded by two doctors and several nurses. They were performing chest compressions on Lily. When he glanced at the heart monitor, it showed 0.

"I burst to tears, couldn’t stand up straight, I endlessly prayed for Lily’s life. One of the doctors showed me an X-ray photo. He said that Lily’s heart was abnormally enlarged," he said.

Watary managed to find the strength to call home to tell them that Lily was critical. A number of family members arrived soon thereafter. On Tuesday, 9 August, 00.10 hours, her condition improved. Her heart rate was normal.

"But when I came to her, the monitor showed that her heart beat was failing. I called the nurses and they again got to panic mode. Again they performed chest compressions on Lily," said Watary.

In the mean time, Watary could hardly control his emotions. He was anxious, trembling, shattered, tears fell endlessly from his eyes. Watary slumped on a chair 5 meters away from Lily as she fought for her life.

"Then suddenly I saw Lily’s father slumped and Lily’s brother burst to tears, One of the nurses came to me and said, ‘Sir, be brave, we’ve tried our best, but she is gone,’" Watary said.

"Astaghfirullahal adzim… I went to Lily and just broke down in tears. I kissed her face and told her, ‘Hun, don’t go.. who’ll take care of the babies..? Hun, please wake up,’. I tried to wake her up and kissed her face.. I keep praying and asking for a miracle to help her. Her face was still warm, but her hand was cold when I hold it," said Watary.

In spite of his heartbreak, Watary is holding it together. He is fighting for his triplets health, for they still need hospitalization. A number of medical interventions need to be done for the three preemies.

At the moment, the three babies, named Adeela Arlyana (1,450 gr), Adeena Rilyana (1,450 gr), and Adeeva Lilyana (1,200 gr) will spend a considerable amount of cost. Each baby requires at least Rp 3 million per day (1 US$ = Rp 8,500).

Until today, the hospital bills has reached Rp 30 millions. Watary and Lily did not come from well-off families who has millions to burn.

"I don’t know if I can make it on my own. But I will do my damnedest. This is for Lily, for her fight," said the man employed in a convection business belonging to a relative.

For readers wishing to help the three little angels can direct their donation to Watary Kurniawan’s bank at BCA, acc. No. 8420305801.




Article translated from Detik.com. For readers outside of Indonesia, you can send your donation through paypal via yessy.yasmaralda at gmail dot com.

Note: This is the hardest thing to translate for me. Lily was a dear friend of mine. We were joking a few months ago that her babies would arrive on my birthday, Sept. 30. But apparently, it’s not going to happen. I don’t even want to imagine what her husband is feeling.

Lily was a great soul, her presence could brighten the gloomiest of places. She was only 26 years old. I will miss her. But her babies are here now and they need help. 30 m - the current bill - would’ve reduced any middle-class families to (possible) homelessness. They weren’t rich, to begin with. And the preemies still need intensive care until (at least) 2 more weeks. So please, if you can, share. Even a dollar would mean so much for them.

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